Aerial Images from Above Corvallis, Oregon

Above Corvallis Hayward Field Image
Above Hayward Field

Here is a series of Above Corvallis aerial images, created since September 2009. I have combined my vocation in commercial photography with an avocation in Corvallis stock images and photography. Among my favorite subjects have been Oregon State University, The Willamette River and Downtown Corvallis, Wilt Blueberry Farms, and aerial flights to Albany and Lebanon Oregon too. There are many other targets of interest, perhaps you’ll look up one day and see me leaning out the window of an R22 helicopter. My name is David Bassett, I am a life-long photographer and I hope that you’ll contact me about an assignment or information for a stock image license.

Need more options and images to consider for your marketing or promotions or displays simply phone or email. There are several hundred other model released images to choose from in addition to the selections available here.



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